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Shipping Policy

Master Air Tool Companies use our own contracted shipping carrier to fulfill orders. However, you may also provide your own shipping account for international shipment either for domestic or international orders, in-stock or out-of-stock orders. We do not make money on your shipping charges. We make money by selling you our own make tools.

Standard Orders & Delivery Lead Time
All orders will require min. 14 days for production  after the order is received if there is no problem. All shipping date will be given before the payment is processed. You are liable to pay for your own import tax if it is shipped out directly within
P.O. Box, APO/APE & Delivery Lead Time
We also manage shipment and order to PO Box, or Military P.O. Box through  International EMS  service. We do not manage sold-in-transit transaction.
Ocean Freight & Air Cargo:
Ocean Freight and Air Cargo generally are used for bulk order or import orders. You may use your own shipping forwarding company to manage this kind of shipment or we will arrange all the shipment for you to deliver to your facility.
Please be advised that you are liable to pay for your own import tax, custom clearance fee and shipping charges unless otherwise agree in writing.