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Payment Policy

Master Air Tool Co Ltd, Taiwan is a manufacturer and sell product through manufacturing, wholesale and export channel. We accept the following payment method:

Our Payment Policy

Orders accepted by Master Air Tool Co., Ltd, Taiwan follow this payment policy below:

Credit Card Payment
We accept Visa / Mastercard. All credit card payment requires card holder's signature.

Paypal Payment
Currently we do not accept paypal payment due to high transaction fee and low currency exchange rates. You may pay with your credit cards instead of paypal.

Bank to Bank Wire Transfer
We accept so called "T/T" or the Telewire Transfer. Please contact us for payment details.

Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight
We also accept Irrevocable Letter of Credit. The minimum order amount to use irrevocable letter of credit is USD$10,000 and over. For amount lower than USD$10,000 you will be liable to pay for related handling fee that incur to us while processing your letter of credit.

Net Terms
We now accept applications for credit net terms from our authorized distributors who have been importing products for at least over a year from the source outside of your country with a minimum order requirement for each order. Distributors located in the following countries, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Chile, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Honduras, can apply for credit net terms (If your country is not listed, please contact your sales rep. for detail and eligibility). All terms and conditions, interest rates and payment obligation regulations and credit amount depends on your credit worthiness, we reserve the right to grant credit net terms based on your credit worthiness. There is one time USD$85 credit check fee to apply for net terms.

Processing Fee
Order less than USD$1000 will incur USD$20 bank fee handling charge.